Beyond all structures - political, social, personal, mental - there is a reality which has no form. The paradox is that this formless, nameless, indescribable reality can be experienced, and once experienced can be felt as the deepest thing one knows.

Because it has no form, it has the power to free us from the limitations of our structures. Because it has no name, it enables us to experience life before it becomes embalmed in language. And because it is indescribable, it encourages us to stop talking and thinking about life, and to simply live it.

There are many ways to discover this: meditation, yoga, spiritual practices of all kinds. But an especially direct way is through the body, bypassing the mind and its knots. And an even more direct way is through energy, which being itself formless and always changing is a perfect bridge to the reality of the Other.

Tiago is living in Denmark and is trained and extensively experienced in both bodywork and energywork. She has worked closely for many years with the English Energy Master, Michael Barnett, and was a key member of his Energy World community . She leads workshops all over Europe, East and West.

To participate in one of her workshops is to jump right into a world which soon leaves behind the familiar life, with its familiar limitations and familiar horizons. Through dancing, bioenergetics, breathwork, Diamond Yoga, Wild Goose Mediatiations and a lot of fun, one discovers a world where the body streams, the heart opens, the mind quietens and the soul takes wing. Laughter and tears, exhaustion and exhilaration, silence and shouting follow one another in an ungraspable flow.

By the end of the workshop - or even sooner! - one may have glimpsed something that feels like the start of a new life; or better, the return of something lost, the return of innocence.

Since the ‘subject’ of Tiago’s groups is the Formless, anyone who can breathe and move can participate fully. No other qualifications are needed.

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